The sculptures on this page is a retrospective selection from the period 1975-2012.
It all started probably that I during my training to mimic actor, started to make masks. First it was the Gase, silkpaper and glue since the plaster was cast into aluminum molds were used to cast plastic masks. The funny thing is that these masks can still be purchased at this link: http://dramashop.dk/category/plastmasker-70/

Later I cut wooden molds or read that I put leather on. These masks are fantastic as theater masks - the most famous mask is used on the Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli, Copenhagen; Harlequin's mask. See this link: Harlequins-mask

In time, the larger sculptures, I started to make tableaux with people and abstract forms, as I have created the scenic designs which each have an epic story as background.